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We appreciate the difficulty many Schools and governors experience when presented with the task of recruiting a new Headteacher and other Senior Leadership staff.

Our proactive consultative process and experienced team help to eliminate the risk associated with making such appointments; saving you time, effort and money whilst finding the best candidates for the School, Staff, Community and most importantly – The Pupils.

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Grammar schools expansion ‘could dumb them down’

September 23, 2016

Grammar schools could be dumbed down by expanding them in areas where parents want them, analysis of plans to increase selection in England suggests. An Education Policy Institute study says as grammars expand, they will take more lower ability pupils – diluting their high achieving potential. It also argues the […]


Oxford head rejects sponsoring schools

September 22, 2016

The head of Oxford University has rejected calls from the government to sponsor schools. Louise Richardson says Oxford was “very good” as a university, but had “no experience” of running schools. The call for universities to help set up schools was part of the proposals to expand grammar schools. But […]


Five ways to create a happy form group

The new term is now well under way and if you’re a form tutor, you’ve probably got to know your new group well enough to match names with faces. But how well do they know one another? Six basic steps to becoming a brilliant form tutor Developing a friendly, cooperative […]